Sunday, July 12, 2009

Takin' A Heavy Metal Music Ride With Don Felder

Download Don Felder - Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)

Download Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal

I just thought I'd take a music break for a bit. My tastes run from classic rock, hard rock to heavy metal. Speaking of heavy metal, take a listen to Don Felder's classic "Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride,)" which brings back some great memories of me and my girlfriend sitting in the back row of the movie house while listening to the great tunes during this animated movie.


vanhenry71 said...

There way you can make the other songs downloadable? Thank you much

The Grouchy Old Warrior said...

I will certainly do my best to get to all of them! Considering my intermittent posting, it might take some weeks, though I shall certainly try.

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