Sunday, July 19, 2009

Adventure Into Fear #22-24 With Steve Gerber

Stumbling across Fear #22 featuring Morbius, the Living Vampire, when I was in the fourth grade was certainly a fortuitous event for me as I ended up loving this storyline for years. I still recall that I traded one of my Devil Kids Starring Hot Stuff comics for that issue with a buddy of mine in class, which annoyed our teacher to no end. I enjoyed the story so much that I watched the comic book rack at Rexall's Drug Store for all of the succeeding issues in order to see what happened next, which was unusual for me at the time as I was convinced that the companies that used cliffhangers were scamming us kids for our quarters. Sure, I had already read Steve Gerber's Man-Thing and loved it, but now here was Morbius. In truth, it wasn't even the character I liked, but Gerber's superb storytelling.

It is thanks to wonderful stories like this three-parter that I now understand why Steve Gerber has such a fiercely loyal cult following. The art by Rich Buckler was serviceable in #22, but P. Craig Russell's was outstanding, as you'll see in issues #23 and #24. Just wait until you see "I" and his demiurge in issues #23 and #24, but "I" was truly memorable. These also introduced me to Blade, the vampire slayer, whom went on to big screen fame. Anyway, please enjoy and the download links are below each cover.

Download Fear #22

Download Fear #23

Download Fear #24

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