Friday, July 10, 2009

Beowulf, Dragon Slayer #1-6

Download Beowulf #1

Download Beowulf #2 (one of the best covers out there!)

Download Beowulf #3

Download Beowulf #4

Download Beowulf #5

Download Beowulf #6

Welcome to The Old Warrior's Comic Book Download Den! Make certain that you download the CDisplayEx or CDisplay programs (such as ) to open the .cbr files so that you can easily read them. Please do not forget that once the comic book reader opens the file to right-click on the comic book cover and then click on "Options" and then click on "Fit to screen" so that it enlarges everything so that it is readable. If you do not do this you will surely STRAIN YOUR EYES!

One might think that this Web log is going to be about the swords and sorcery genre exclusively, but that would be an erroneous assumption as I intend to cover all subjects and genres. When I made the decision to begin a blog about some of my favorite comic books as an easy-to-locate placeholder for online storage, I suddenly found myself pressed for a name for all of this blogging and, being a big swords and sorcery buff, I thought, "why not this one?" So here it is! Without further ado, let's jump head-first into some of my favorite comics of yesteryear and begin with Beowulf, Dragon Slayer.

I have fond memories of Beowulf, Dragon Slayer, which was published by DC Comics in 1975. Beowulf was a swords and sorcery comic book and the art was beautiful, but sadly it didn't last as it was a victim of the DC Comics Implosion. That gorgeous art that I speak so fondly of was drawn by Ricardo Villamonte, an underrated illustrator. As for the writer, I must admit that I wasn't familiar with the name back when I was a kid, but many of you will recognize Michael Uslan's name as he's gone on to be a key producer of the Batman films, which might explain in a roundabout way Uslan's inclusion of Dracula in Beowulf #4 as it struck me as being odd at the time.


HEH said...

Are these files corrupt? I've downloaded the set twice with the same results.

"Is not a valid RAR file"?

The Executioner said...

I downloaded the first two again and they work fine for me, but the problem may be that you're trying to open these files as .rar files when in fact they are .cbr files.

Please try again and if they still fail to open properly, I'll redo the post.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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