Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eerie #27: "Journey Into Wonder"

Download Eerie #27

I know! I know! I am obsessed with sword and sorcery, but after this posting, I am going to upload some horror and science fiction. I will be uploading some old superhero comic books, too.

Eerie #27 isn't one of my favorites, but it does have a beautiful cover by Vaughn Bode and Jeff Jones. Writers this issue are Nicola Cuti, Gardner Fox, Bill Parente, R. Michael Rosen, Buddy Saunders and Bill Warren. The artists are Ken Barr, Ernie Colon, Miguel Fernandez, Dick Piscopo, Mike Royer, Jack Sparling and Tom Sutton.


Cover: Jeffrey Jones and Vaughn Bodé
Script: Bill Parente
Pencils: Ken Barr
Inks: Ken Barr

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