Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Shadow Meets the Batman

Download The Shadow #1

Download Batman #253

Download Batman #259

A bit of trivia possibly for those old enough to recall hair metal in the 1980s, Danger Danger released their first CD with a Shadow look-a-like on the cover. I thought I'd throw this question out as I don't know the answer, but does anyone know the story behind why the band chose a Shadow clone for their album art? Are they big fans of the character? Please share this information if you know.

Download Danger Danger - Bang Bang MP3

Special surprise bonus download: Through Supergraphics, Jim Steranko published the magazine Comixscene (retitled Mediascene and finally Prevue), which began as a folded-tabloid periodical on stiff, non-glossy paper, reporting on the comics field. It evolved in stages into a general-interest, standard format, popular culture magazine, running from 1972 through 1994. In its later years, it was criticized for doing double duty as a catalog for Steranko's retailing business, particularly its erotica. There's an article in this issue of Mediascene #36 called "The Great Pulp Heroes and Villains," which ties in nicely with the Shadow.

Download Mediascene #36

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Dept. In the mid-1970s, DC Comics published a critically acclaimed, 12-issue series (Nov. 1973 - Sept. 1975) written by Dennis O'Neil and initially drawn by Michael William Kaluta (#1-4 & 6). Faithful to the pulp-magazine and radio-drama character, the series guest-starred fellow pulp fiction hero The Avenger in issue #11. The Shadow appeared in DC's Batman #253 (Nov. 1973), in which Batman teams with an aging Shadow and reveals The Shadow as his "greatest inspiration". In Batman #259 (Dec. 1974), Batman again meets The Shadow, and we learn The Shadow saved Bruce Wayne's life when the future Batman was a boy.

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