Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Space: 1999 #1-7

Download Space: 1999 #1

Download Space: 1999 #2

Download Space: 1999 #3

Download Space: 1999 #4

Download Space: 1999 #5

Download Space: 1999 #6

Download Space: 1999 #7

Special surprise bonus treat: Space: 1999 article in Starlog #2.

Download Starlog #2

When it comes to Science Fiction, I cut my eyeteeth on Robert A. Heinlein novels, Star Trek reruns (including the very underrated novelized adaptations by James Blish) and comic books. However, when Space: 1999 hit the airwaves back in the 1970s, I watched every episode I could with rapt attention. After all, I was planning on still being alive in 1999 so this could affect me, or so I dreamed. We should have had a pioneering base on the moon by 1999 and our space program is woefully behind what 2001: A Space Odyssey predicted, but that's another subject I will go into in a future posting. Space: 1999's second season would go on to be hated as they apparently decided to go with B-movie monster schlock instead of hard science, but one good season is better than none at all. I was far more impressed with Charlton Comics' treatment of Space: 1999 than I was with ITC Entertainment's of their second season, but being the comic book fanatic I was back then I was, of course, biased.

The art quality went up and down in the magazine as the first two issues were drawn by Joe Staton, but then we are treated to John Byrne's fantastic interpretations in issues #3-#6 while Pat Boyette book-ended the final issue in #7. The very talented Nicola Cuti, who won this year's Inkpot Award, wrote issues #1-#5, John Byrne wrote #6 and Mike Pellowski wrote #7. While I prefer Byrne's art for the most part, I must say that Joe Staton provided the best-looking cover with issue #1. But enough reminiscing, please feel free to download all seven issues using the links provided below for your personal enjoyment.

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