Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Spectre v1 #2: "Die, Spectre--Again!" (Neal Adams art)

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For someone who died back in 1940, the Spectre has done pretty well for himself and can still be found in comic books. The Spectre was given a two-part send-off in DC's More Fun Comics #52 and #53 early in 1940. Jerry Siegel, who was already doing very well with Superman, wrote the scripts, and Bernard Baily provided the drawing. Baily also designed the costume and gave the Spectre his ghostly look and blank eyeballs.

According to the original story, a tough, redheaded cop named Jim Corrigan was murdered by gangsters by being dumped in the river in the traditional barrel of cement. He returned as a spirit. cloaked in green and sporting a pasty white complexion. Corrigan could cause his spirit to look like his former body. Early on, he would turn himself into the Spectre, but later the Spectre was a projection that left the defunct policeman's body to sail off and fight crime. Originally he operated in the city of Cliffland, obviously a surrogate for Siegel's native Cleveland.

Gardner Fox
Pencils and inks:
Neal Adams

The evil etheric body of magician Dirk Rawley emerges and forces him into crime.
  • in Adventure Comics (DC, 1938 series) #495 (January 1983).

Note: I am including the advertising for the purpose of historical interest.

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