Friday, January 7, 2011

World's Finest Comics #176: "The Superman-Batman Split!" (Neal Adams art)

Download World's Finest #176

Among the new heroes introduced in World's Finest were Lando, yet another magician, and Drafty, a humorous soldier, drawn first by Ed Moore and then by Stan Kaye. Henry Boltinoff did just about his only serious comic-book work on Young Doctor Davis. Others who frequented World's Finest in its early years were the Star Spangled Kid, the Green Arrow, the Boy Commandos, the Wyoming Kid, and Tommy Tomorrow.

With the seventy-first issue (July-August 1954) the magazine, which had long since shed its cardboard covers, dropped its price to ten cents and cut its page count. In another innovation, it teamed its headliners, Batman and Superman-- "Your two favorite heroes together in one adventure!" Robin also joined in. The initial artist for these amalgamated yarns was Dick Sprang, who held on until 1963.

World's Finest continued until its 323rd issue (January 1986), fluctuating in price, page count, and lineup. As the magazine grew older, the Superman-Batman combo did not always appear, and considerable reprint material was used. In 1990 DC used the title for a three-issue series teaming Batman and Superman once again. This was written by Dave Gibbons, illustrated by Karl Kesel and Steve Rude. There was also a World's Finest one-shot published in 2001.

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