Thursday, January 6, 2011

World's Finest Comics #175: "The Superman-Batman Revenge Squads!" (Neal Adams art)

Download World's Finest #175

The first regularly issued comic book featuring both Superman and Batman, it was inspired by New York World's Fair Comics, which came out once in 1939 and once in 1940. DC introduced this fifteen-cent ninety-six page comic book in the early spring of 1941. The first issue was called World's Best Comics and from the second on the title was World's Finest. What this fat, cardboard-covered anthology offered was new adventures of DC's most popular characters and, in addition to Superman and Batman, there were new stories featuring Zatara, Johnny Thunder, and the Sandman, plus characters created just for the magazine.

Note: this was originally posted on 9/24/09, but a glitch with a widget forces me to post this anew.

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Rip Jagger said...

I've never read this comic until now, but that awesome cover has been imprinted in my memory from house ads for decades. Thanks.

Rip Off

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