Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Zero Patrol #1-5

Download Zero Patrol #1

Download Zero Patrol #2

Download Zero Patrol #3

Download Zero Patrol #4

Download Zero Patrol #5

For the most part, I was disappointed with the bulk of the output that the Neal Adams-owned Continuity Publishing Inc. comic book company produced during the 1980s. What peeved me the most was that the interior art was done by artists other than Neal Adams the majority of the time. Worse, the writing was usually of poor quality. However, there were some bright exceptions, as light reading fare goes, and that was the case with The Zero Patrol. The Zero Patrol were a team of five people from Earth, collected to protect the universe. The series was a European comic book written and drawn by Esteban Maroto, with Neal Adams supplying new inks. The comic originally ran for only two issues in 1984 and 1985 and each sported a new Neal Adams' drawn cover. Then the first two issues were reprinted and the series ran for a total of five issues in 1987-89, before Continuity Comics closed down.

Note: All five covers are drawn by Neal Adams except Zero Patrol #5, which was a Neal Adams and Kevin Nowlan collaboration.

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labsenpai said...

Thanks for the issues! Maroto should be in charge of future button-less fashion.

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