Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nexus and Badger #6-8: The Trialogue Trilogy

Still playing catch-up on this blog Dept: After discovering Alan Moore's Saga of Swamp Thing, I jumped head first into the independent comic book companies and discovered Capital Comics' output only to find it was going out of business. Fortunately, First Comics picked up this title and I was able to finish this tale of the first Nexus and Badger team-up. This is Mike Baron and Steve Rude at their finest, in my opinion. The Trialogue Trilogy is must-read if you love rip-snortin' adventure!

Nexus #6 (Capital Comics): The Trialogue Trilogy Part One - The Ultimate Bizarre Object: Nexus and Judah Maccabee crash their ship on the weird bowl-shaped world. On their first night there Badger drops in on them - literally.

Download Nexus #6

Nexus #7 (First Comics): Badger explains to his two new friends that he was accidentally sent to his current locale by Ham after their argument. They travel across the planet together until they reach Tech City, where they trade for a spaceship. However they don't get too far before the ship is shot down and they are forced to bail out.

Download Nexus #7

Nexus #8 (First Comics): The trio continue their trip across the bowl-shaped world, fighting monstrous aliens and encountering a place where wishes come true, before finally meeting the master of the planet, who sends all of them to... it's a surprise. Read the exciting climax!

Download Nexus #8

Bonus download: Nexus in Amazing Heroes #18

Download Amazing Heroes #18

Bonus download: Steve Rude in Sketch Magazine #34

Download Sketch Magazine #34


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

vollsticks said...

Wow, so glad I noticed this in the sidebar!!! I still need Nexus 8 so thanks for posting and the extras are the cherry on top of a big Steve Rude cake. THANK YOU!

The Battler said...

You're very welcome, my friend, but I do have #8 uploaded and you can even read it online at the following URL:

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