Sunday, August 30, 2009

Neal Adams' New Heroes Portfolio

Six black and white prints by comics legend Neal Adams, produced to publicize his own range of comics characters, most famously including Ms. Mystic and ToyBoy.

Download Neal Adams' New Heroes Portfolio


HEH said...

Getting this portfolio was so exciting. I had no clue who all those heroes were (well, I was aware of Ms. Mystic, if I recall correctly).

Would you happen to have Adams' Savage portfolio?

The Executioner said...

Sorry for the delayed reply, but is this what you're looking for?

Please let me know!

HEH said...

Wow! No, I've not seen that before, but that's incredible. Lots of Ms. Mystic sketches and I love Ms. Mystic.
Also comic panels with the dragon creature. Looks like Continuity stuff that never saw the light of day!
Thank you very much!

The portfolio I'm looking for features Tarzan and Conan sketches:


The Executioner said...

Aha! I am a big fan of Neal Adams' art, but my tired memory sorely needed refreshing, I am embarrassed to admit.

Many thanks for the refresher and for the link, my friend, and for you I have the correct portfolio at the following link:

HEH said...

Wow, man.
That's it! Thank you, Executioner!

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