Monday, August 24, 2009

Amazing Adventures (vol. 2) (Inhumans) #5-8, #18

Download Amazing Adventures v2 #5

Download Amazing Adventures v2 #6

Download Amazing Adventures v2 #7

Download Amazing Adventures v2 #8

UPDATED September 27:
Requested: Neal Adams' Amazing Adventures #18

Download Amazing Adventures v2 #18

Oh! The Inhumanity! Marvel Comics' Amazing Adventures was a split title featuring the Inhumans (initially both written and drawn by Jack Kirby) and The Black Widow (initially by writer Gary Friedrich and penciler John Buscema) and then Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway and Neal Adams for issues #5-8. The Widow was dropped after vol. 2, #8, and full-length Inhumans stories ran for two issues before that feature, too, was dropped. Neal Adams' art is at its peak here and I think it's superior to that of his work on Green Lantern, which is saying quite a lot. I also have War of the Worlds in Amazing Adventures #18, which also sports Neal Adams art, but frankly I don't think it's very good. However, if you'd like to see it anyway then let me know and I'll upload it as quickly as I can.

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=link said...

Oh man, it all comes back to me! My high school buddies and I loved the first Adams Inhumans, inked by Palmer--but the last 3 were inked by Verpooten, who just butchered Adams fine line work --but I read an interview with Adams where he said that he WANTED to see his work inked in the typical heavy-handed Marvel manner--sort of an experiment to see if his work could fit in with the "Marvel Age of Superheroes". My opinion: Adams could do anything he wanted--he was a visual genius--but even the best of the heavy Marvel inkers--Joe Sinnot on Thor--just made me want to see what it wd have looked like with Adams own inks. OR TOM PALMER'S. Palmer inked his work even better than he himself did!!! His fine line work was exquisite--and all those pages of Dr. Strange, pencilled by Gene Colan--just made me wish for Adams. Palmer was so good that when Don Heck filled in for an issue of X-Men, Palmer made him look like Adams!
Years later, Palmer inked Infantino on star wars. VERY interesting combo. But nowhere near his work with Adams. Palmer's work with Adams was--bar none--the best superhero work I have ever seen. Pity they never did some more adult work together--I've lost all interest in childish superhero crap. I read SO MUCH of it when I was in high school and my first 2 years of college, I just O.D.'d on it.

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