Thursday, October 1, 2009

New DC 100-Page Super Spectacular Blog

Download Tarzan #233

Download Unexpected #159

Download Detective Comics #442

Download House of Mystery #226

Download Batman #255

Click here to go to my newest blog

The DC 100 Page Super Spectacular was a comic book series published by DC Comics from 1971 through 1975, featuring solely reprints initially and then including new stories later on. The "100 Page" count included both sides of the front and back covers as pages.

This is my most recent blog creation, which I pieced together on a whim last night. I will be uploading most—
if not all—of the DC 100-Page Super Spectaculars, but now that I have a total of three blogs I will be pressed for time. What do you think, folks? Maintain three blogs or focus on only one? I will most likely take this single post down and go back to focusing mostly on this blog by uploading the remainder of the Neal Adam's Batmans, but your input is always appreciatedespecially this time out.


labsenpai said...

Save yourself the effort and just put everything on one blog. Visitors like frequent updates more...

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
I am sorry, it at all does not approach me.

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