Friday, October 30, 2009

Tower of Shadows #2: "One Hungers" (Neal Adams Art)

Download Tower of Shadows #02

Neal Adams is both writer and artist in the third tale in this issue of Tower of Shadows entitled "One Hungers." Frankly, it's not one of the best stories out there, but any story drawn by Neal Adams is worth reading. Tower of Shadows was a horror/fantasy anthology comic book published by Marvel Comics under this and a subsequent name from 1969-1975. It featured work by such notable creators as writer-artists (obviously) Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Johnny Craig, and Wally Wood, writer-editor Stan Lee, and artists including John Buscema, Gene Colan, Tom Sutton, Barry Windsor-Smith (as Barry Smith), and Bernie Wrightson. Designed to compete with DC Comics' successful launches House of Mystery and House of Secrets, Tower of Shadows, like its companion comic Chamber of Darkness, sold poorly despite such notable talent.

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