Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marvel Treasury Edition #15: "Night of the Dark God"

Download Marvel Treasury Edition #15

The Song of Red Sonja (20 pages)
Script: Roy Thomas
Pencils and inks: Barry Windsor-Smith [as Barry Smith]
Reprinted from Conan the Barbarian (Marvel, 1970 series) #24 (March 1973)

Night of the Dark God (21 pages)
Script: Roy Thomas
Pencils: Gil Kane
Inks: Neal Adams; Pablo Marcos; Vince Colletta
Reprinted from Savage Tales (Marvel, 1971 series) #4 (May 1974)

Sonja Three
Red Sonja / pinup / (3 pages)
Script: Roy Thomas.
Pencils and inks: Esteban Maroto; Dick Giordano; Frank Thorne

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