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Amazing Fantasy #15: "Spider-Man!"

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After changing its name twice, Amazing Fantasy suspended operations. That fifteenth and final issue (August 1962) guaranteed the magazine a place in comics history, however, since it was the birthplace of Spider-Man. Starting up in the spring of 1961 under the title Amazing Adventures, it had dealt in the usual Marvel brand of fantasy and sci-fi. Among the monsters prowling the initial half dozen issues were Manoo, Sserpo, and Monsteroso, this latter billed as "the MOST FEARFUL creature of all time!" Scripts were chiefly the work of Stan Lee, the main artists were Jack Kirby, in charge of the Monster-of-the-Month, and Steve Ditko. With the seventh issue, the title was switched to Amazing Adult Fantasy and the book promised "spine-tingling, supernatural thrillers for the more mature reader!" One of the creatures provided for the mature reader was a huge chap called Tim Boo Ba.

For the fifteenth issue the title was shortened to just plain Amazing Fantasy. On the cover, as drawn by Kirby, Spider-Man was seen for the first time. In the eleven-page story inside, written by Lee and illustrated by Ditko, readers met Peter Parker, Aunt May (quite a bit plumper back then), and, of course, Spidey. At the yarn's end, Lee said, "And so a legend is born and a new name is added to the roster of those who make the world of fantasy the most exciting realm of all!" Early the next year, the first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man was released.


Cover: Jack Kirby (pencils) and Steve Ditko (inks)
Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Steve Ditko
Inks: Steve Ditko
Letters: Artie Simek

Note: Winner of the 1962 "Best Short Story" Alley Award.

  • in Marvel Tales Annual (Marvel, 1964 series) #1 (1964)
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  • in Uomo Ragno, L' (Edizioni Star Comics, 1987 series) #70 (April 1991) [as "L'Uomo Ragno", Italian translation]
  • in Spider-Man Classics (Marvel, 1993 series) #1 (April 1993)
  • in Essential Spider-Man, The (Marvel, 1996 series) #1 (1996) [black and white]
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  • in Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel, 2002 series) #1 (2002)
  • in Marvel Visionaries: Stan Lee (Marvel, 2005 series) #[nn] (2005)
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  • in Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (Marvel, 2007 series) #[nn] (2007)
  • in Marvel Deluxe: Stan Lee (Panini, 2007 series) #1

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