Friday, November 20, 2009

Omega Men #26 & #27: Alan Moore Back-up Stories

Download Omega Men #27

Download Omega Men #26

Alan Moore
does the four-page back-up story "Vega: Brief Lives," in which
the Spider Guild find that they are powerless to conduct an invasion of a planet whose inhabitants are too long-lived to notice them. In "Vega: A Man's World," an alien biologist studying the Culacon race seeks to learn how the males manage to make babies without females.

Download Foreigner's Urgent

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The World of Tiers, by Philip José Farmer

Download The Maker of Universes by Philip José Farmer

Download The Gates of Creation by Philip José Farmer

Download A Private Cosmos

Download Behind The Walls of Terra

Download The Lavalite World

above five novels were collected into this two volume set:

Download Red Orc's Rage
(I wrote the Wikipedia entry for this one: )

Download More Than Fire

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This post is waaaay overdue as it was August 8th that I uploaded The Maker of Universes and I promised myself then that the sequel wouldn't be too far behind. The best laid plains of mice and men oft go awry, but I think it's safe to say that I had become a little too slavish when it came to uploading certain artists' body of work. I have decided not to be like that with future posts, but I will eventually upload all of it— and this time out I already have all the scans I need to get the job done.

To make up for uploading The Gates of Creation so tardily, I am going to simply upload all seven novels instead of going with my one-a-day routine.

The World of Tiers is a series of science fiction novels by American writer Philip José Farmer. They are set within a series of artificially-constructed universes, created and ruled by decadent beings who are genetically identical to humans, but who regard themselves as superior, the inheritors of an advanced technology they no longer understand. This technology enables the "Lords" (or Thoans, in their own language) to create novel lifeforms, and also to prevent aging or disease, making them effectively immortal. Their technology also allows them to create small artificial universes, and the planets and stars within them, and modify the physical laws (e.g. changing the behavior of gravity) to create unusual or interesting phenomena within these universes. Instantaneous travel within and between these universes is achieved by the use of gates which seem to function as teleportation devices, or as a means of creating wormholes between different regions of spacetime.

The overall series title comes from the main 'pocket universe' featured in the books. This consists of a single planet with a green sky, shaped in the form of a huge stepped pyramid on five stages, with each stage being a disk or squat cylinder. A small sun and a single moon orbit around this planet. There are no other stars or astronomical bodies. This world was created by a Lord named Jadawin.

The overall storyline of the series follows the adventures of two people from Earth who independently discover gates into the World of Tiers. The earlier books focus on the character of Robert Wolff as he explores this world and tries to discover its secrets. From the third book onwards the action shifts to Paul Janus Finnegan (known as Kickaha, along with many other aliases), who is drawn into a battle between an ancient enemy of the Thoans, and ultimately into the feuds between rival Thoans as they try to take over each other's universes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Epic Illustrated #7: "Holocaust" (Neal Adams art)

Download Epic Illustrated #7

Epic Illustrated was a comics anthology in magazine format published in the United States by Marvel Comics. The series lasted for 34 issues, from Spring 1980 to February 1986.

Similar to the US-licensed graphic-story magazine Heavy Metal, it featured mature content oriented at an older audience than traditional American comic books, as well as offering its writers and artists ownership rights and royalties in place of the industry-standard work for hire contracts. A color comic-book imprint, Epic Comics, was spun off in 1982.

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