Saturday, March 12, 2011

Teen Titans #21: "Citadel of Fear" (Neal Adams art)

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When the trio of sidekicks first teamed up in The Brave and the Bold #54 (June-July 1964) (Pictured inset), they didn't have a group name. They got together to help some small-town teenagers who'd run afoul of a supervillain named Mr. Twister while trying to get the stodgy town adults to build them a clubhouse.

The heroic trio returned in Brave and Bold a year later as the Teen Titans, with Wonder Girl added. After an appearance in Showcase, the group was promoted to a book of its own. Haney continued as scripter, but the excellent Nick Cardy took over as artist, providing striking interior art and a series of first-rate covers.

The membership fluctuated, with Green Arrow's Speedy joining in some issues and new characters such as Beast Boy (later known as Changeling) being added. The book halted with the forty-third issue in 1973, then returned for another ten issues from 1976 to 1978.


Cover: Nick Cardy
Script: Neal Adams
Pencils: Neal Adams
Inks: Neal Adams

  • In Best of DC, The (DC, 1979 series) #18 (November 1981)
  • in Showcase Presents: Teen Titans (DC, 2006 series) #2

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