Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eerie Comics #1: "The Man-Eating Lizards!" (Early Joe Kubert art)

Download Eerie Comics #1

While never an especially innovative or inventive publisher of comic books, Avon Periodicals did issue the very first horror comic book. A single issue of Eerie Comics was published in 1947, offering creepy twist-ending yarns of the sort heard on such popular radio shows of the day as Inner Sanctum and Lights Out. They dealt with demons, walking corpses, and giant man-eating lizards. Art was by such as Joe Kubert, Fred Kida, and Bob Fugitani, already a horror expert from his association with The Hangman.

In 1951, Avon began again, shortening the title to just plain Eerie. This version made it through seventeen issues before succumbing in the summer of 1954. Kubert was again one of the artists, as were Wally Wood and Joe Orlando.


Script: Edward Bellin
Pencils: Joe Kubert
Inks: Joe Kubert

  • in Out of This World Adventures (Avon, 1950 series) #1

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