Monday, November 22, 2010

The Mighty Thor #181: "One God Must Fall!"

Download The Mighty Thor #181

Eventually the birthplace of one of Marvel's enduring superheroes, Journey into Mystery was initially one of the many horror comics crowding the newsstands in the early 1950s. Each issue was an anthology of weird tales and the early covers, many of them by Bill Everett, were rich with walking skeletons, walking corpses, and brutal monsters. In 1955, after the Comics Code Authority was set up, the covers and contents became much tamer. Among the artists contributing to Journey were, besides Everett, Joe Maneely, Russ Heath, Steve Ditko, Jerry Robinson, George Tuska, and Bernard Krigstein.

Things changed with #83 vol. 1 (August 1961), when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced Thor. The helmeted hero was seen on the cover using his hammer against green monsters while a blurb proclaimed, "The Most Exciting Super-Hero of All Time!" From that moment on the Mighty Thor was the leading man in Journey into Mystery. With #126 (March 1966) the comic book changed its name to Thor, continuing as such until #502 (September 1996). The Journey into Mystery title returned until #125 (February 1966). A new Thor title began the following month.

This is the second and last issue of Thor drawn by Neal Adams, but if you'd like to read issue #180 then please click here.


Script: Stan Lee
Pencils: Neal Adams
Inks:Joe Sinnott

  • in Essential Thor (Marvel, 2001 series) #4 [black & white]
  • in Marvel Visionaries: Stan Lee (Marvel, 2005 series) #[nn]
  • in Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor (Marvel, 2003 series) #9 (2010)
  • in Thor le fils d'Odin (Artima, 1979 series) #10
  • in Marvel Deluxe : Stan Lee (Panini, 2007 series) #1

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